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Green Commitment


At AMI Exchangers, the efficiency doesn’t end with our heat exchangers – we pride ourselves on operating and manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner.


In our factory we receive more than a hundred units per year from our clients for inspection and refurbishment. We refurbish and re-use serviceable parts from the original unit to save on materials and costs. Parts that can no longer be used are disposed of in a responsible manner or recycled where facilities exist. Wooden crates and cardboard packing are also re-used where possible to reduce waste.

AMI Exchangers also refrain from the use and supply of asbestos in all of its products.

Office & Admin

As a company, we are proud to say over 98% of our waste is recycled, much of this is paper, print cartridges and general waste produced by a busy working office. Our used print consumables are donated to charities for recycling, for the benefit of the environment and the charities involved.

“I have used AMI Exchangers for a number of different applications, including charge air coolers and various sized tube stacks both for Find out more