From Disaster Comes a Revolution

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July 2018 and disaster strikes as our sister company Highland Electroplaters suffers a devastating fire to their warehouse and factory. As reported by local media at the time, smoke can be seen for miles around and the majority of their facility was destroyed. Since 1987 Highland have been offering the oil and gas industry second-to-none service on the surface coating and plating of vital components. Popular among giants of the oil and gas market, Highland have worked with prestigious clients such as GE Oil & Gas, NOV-Elmar and Expro.

Fast-forward to February 2019, the re-build is complete, the £750,000 investment in new machinery and state-of-the-art rectifier equipment has provided a truly transformed facility. Plating technology is now modernised, the processes now more efficient and their carbon footprint has been reduced.

Almost in coincidental parity with the oil and gas market that are recovering after a downturn in recent years, Highland Electroplaters are back!

As a long-term member of the SEA (Surface Engineering Association) and approved to ISO 9001 standards, Highland are ready to resume the provision of high levels of quality service, and quality components their existing clients are used to receiving as well as welcoming new custom from the once again thriving oil and gas industry.

Highland specialise in Copper, Silver and Nickel-Zinc plating, Anodising, Phosphating as well as offering several options on Molycote and PTFE coatings.

Come see the brand-new facility for yourself when Highland Electroplaters host an open day on Thursday March 7th from 9am till 6pm. For more details on this event and Highland Electroplaters Services, contact Lisa Baird on

Posted On: 14th February - 2019

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