Shell & Tube

We can manufacturer all types of "shell and tube" plate exchangers to order

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Plate Exchangers

Excellent heat transfer characteristics and are ideal where space is scarce

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Charge Air Coolers

Located between the turbo charger and the engine scavenge air inlet manifold

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completed projects for marine, industrial, rail & power generation

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Stock Update – January 2021

In an effort to cut waiting times for products, AMI have begun a programme of investing in stock holding of common air cooler elements for a range of engines. Cooling elements in stock suitable for: 1 x Wartsila 6L50DF 1 x Wartsila 9L50DF 1 x Wartsila 12V50DF (A Bank) 1 x Wartsila 12V50DF (B-Bank) 1 x...
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AMI Clients: No Disruption After Trade Deal

Take a look below for our announcement on the impact of UK's EU trade deal upon dealing with AMI if you're in the EU. Our teams have spent a lot of time reading up and training to ensure there is no impact upon our clients. If you have any further questions,...
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From Disaster Comes a Revolution

July 2018 and disaster strikes as our sister company Highland Electroplaters suffers a devastating fire to their warehouse and factory. As reported by local media at the time, smoke can be seen for miles around and the majority of their facility was destroyed. Since 1987 Highland have been offering the...
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Who we work with

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of plate exchangers,
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