Royal Caribbean (RCCL)

Project Brief

Royal Caribbean (RCCL) drafted in AMI for an emergency requirement on a Charge Air Cooler for a Wartsila 16V32B engine (A-Bank)


Charge Air Cooler supplied by OEM maker was incorrect, i.e. wrong hand / different orientation making installation impossible. This followed a 6 month lead time from the ship making the requisition to head office to receiving the replacement parts on board. The existing cooler was in a bad way. The Superintendent reported a $10,000/week in additional fuel costs due to the condition of the cooler.


AMI received the enquiry from RCCL on November 30th and immediately assigned an engineer to attend the vessel in Puerto Rico to check dimensional accuracy and to gather thermal information from the Nox technical file to allow save supply.

Our design team then set about drawing and designing the cooler ready for our production to set to work on the unit which requires a lot of machining and detailed finishing. The replacement cooler was manufactured in 2 weeks and delivered to the vessel within 3 weeks from order. Customer was overwhelmed with the quality of the product and service attained. The AMI cooler was manufactured with higher quality materials than original using naval brass tube plates, pure copper fins and cupro nickel tube of German origin.

Installation was completed within 24-hours of the cooler being received on board allowing the cruise ship to sail trouble-free throughout the Christmas period and beyond. Customer reported the performance of the cooler to be outstanding and well within the safe operating parameters of the engine. We have since received an order for the opposite B-Bank cooler.

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