AMI Exchangers become members of NEPIC

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AMI are proud to announce their membership of NEPIC.

NEPIC is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the needs and interests of the chemical-processing sector in the North East of England. They exist to ensure industry in the region thrives – and that they have investments, innovations and a network that will create jobs and opportunities long into the future.

They identify opportunities, facilitate connections, promote collaboration and enable growth. NEPIC also help connect the chemical processing sector with local universities to maximise development opportunities and push the sector forward.

Here at AMI we are delighted to be part of an organisation that harnesses the collective might of industry, services and educational institutions to maximise the prosperity of the local chemical process sector.

For more information on NEPIC or the thriving chemical process industry in the North East of England, visit

Posted On: 26th October - 2021

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