From Disaster Comes a Revolution

July 2018 and disaster strikes as our sister company Highland Electroplaters suffers a devastating fire to their warehouse and factory. As reported by local media at the time, smoke can be seen for miles around and the majority of their facility was destroyed. Since 1987 Highland have been offering the

Posted On: 14th February - 2019

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ERP & CRM Partners Required

Does your business provide bespoke CRM and ERP software? If so, AMI Exchangers are interested in hearing from you! We are looking to commence a project in 2019 to overhaul our internal software for project and customer relationship management. We will require a bespoke solution and further details on our operations

Posted On: 22nd November - 2018

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AMI Blog: Cost Saving – Right Down to the Core!

Here at AMI we are always looking for new ways to reduce costs for our clients to help their budgets go further. This year is no exception, and after some extensive R&D and tooling investment, we are pleased to be able to offer a re-core facility. This new service is great

Posted On: 22nd October - 2018

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Problem? No problem

Problems with poor efficiency, service life or vibration related damage? Not a problem, we can modify and improve OEM designs to solve many issues, resulting in greater reliability and efficiency than OEM units!

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