Onboard Work

Our teams of on board engineers travel around the globe, all year round to provide a low cost re-tube and to minimise the downtime of damaged equipment. Dockyard personnel are often expensive and inflexible and ship crews often inexperienced dealing with heat exchangers. Our engineers are experienced, hardworking and flexible and will re-tube or refurbish your oil cooler, condenser, water coolers to a schedule that’s suits you. We have completed hundreds of projects for some of the biggest names in shipping, and pride ourselves on offering a second-to-none service which offers considerable savings and opening up options to vessels to keep them in operation where they would normally be laid up and losing revenue.

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Another way we can offer significant savings to our clients is with our popular cleaning and refurbishment services. Send us your old charge air cooler, condenser, oil cooler or plate exchanger for refurbishment. Upon receipt of your old unit we will carry out a thorough inspection, prepare a report on its condition and remedial work options. Options can range from vibrasonic cleaning to thermal core replacement depending upon condition. All options are offered together with copies of report and digital photographs of existing condition. Our plate heat exchanger services include cleaning and crack testing of plates, and offering replacement plates and gaskets where required. Our clients who enjoy the benefits of this service tell us that they have saved big through cleaning and refurbishment, with some stating savings of up to 50%.



Emergency Delivery Options

We fully understand the huge difficulties that are caused when essential equipment fails without warning. Often this happens at the worst possible time when you are up to your neck in work. You need to remedy the situation fast with least fuss. For this reason, we offer an emergency service far superior to other suppliers in our industry. With our large material stocks and flexible workforce we can often manufacture a replacement unit in as little as 2-3 days. Our claim was tested when one of our container ship clients offloaded two large main engine charge air coolers for cleaning whilst their vessels was birthed. These units were unfortunately stolen and the client came to us for help. Without hesitation, we rearranged our workforce and factory workload and from raw materials, we manufactured two new replacement charge air coolers in 3 days. Try us – You will not be disappointed.

Problem? No problem

Problems with poor efficiency, service life or vibration related damage? Not a problem, we can modify and improve OEM designs to solve many issues, resulting in greater reliability and efficiency than OEM units!

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