Shell & Tube

We can manufacture all types of “shell and tube” heat exchangers to order. We will design and manufacture based on your requirements or select from our stock range of coolers. We can manufacture from 1m² up to over 1000 m² surface area. Quite often we can manufacture a complete unit cheaper than the replacement element cost from the original supplier. Heat exchangers in this category include:

  • Lube Oil Coolers
  • Jacket Water Coolers
  • Fuel Oil Heaters
  • Steam Drain/Dump Condensers
  • Hydraulic Oil Condensers
  • Steam Heaters
  • Purifiers
  • Compressor Coolers (Air)
  • Freon Condensers
  • Fresh Water Generators
  • Water Heaters (non-electrical)
  • Calorifiers
  • Gearbox Oil coolers




Only quality materials from reputable suppliers are used in the construction of these units. We carry a large range of stock tubes and tube plates – the majority of which are suitable for seawater use. Material selection is subject to operating parameters and conditions of use. Naval Brass tube plates with Aluminium Brass tubes are commonly found on tube bundle (elements) used in the marine industry.


Supply Options


We can supply completely brand new equipment, refurbish of an existing shell casing by installing a new cooling bundle element or we can supply all necessary parts in “kit form” to allow in situ refurbishment using your own staff or one of our travelling engineers. In the event the old unit is sent to our workshops, we can usually offer significant savings by reusing original parts when suitable. In some cases, we can convert heat exchangers with fixed tube plates into a “removable tube bundle” type, this allows easy maintenance, reduced cleaning costs and cheaper future replacement. For units operating in particularly harsh environments, we can offer tube inserts (to reduce tube end erosion) and protective coating of tube plates (to reduce attack due to corrosion/erosion).


Additional Services


We can also offer directly or via our global network of contacts, the following services relating specifically to heat exchangers:

Onboard Riding gangs to carry out re-tubing or repairs, Ultrasonic, Chemical or Vibrasonic cleaning, Repair and refurbishment locations close to many ports




All units are supplied with full material certification and are pressure tested at our workshops. Units are manufactured using proven techniques and inspected regularly throughout manufacture.

Problem? No problem

Problems with poor efficiency, service life or vibration related damage? Not a problem, we can modify and improve OEM designs to solve many issues, resulting in greater reliability and efficiency than OEM units!

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