Shell International

Project Brief

As part of our long-standing relationship, Shell International approached AMI requesting assistance with a replacement program for a fleet of vessels requiring new Emergency Diesel Generator radiators on STX Cummins KTA 38 DMGE engines.


The original units were failing prematurely, due to poor quality materials and construction. Units at almost 2m square were too large to extract from the vessel in one piece, meaning that any replacement unit would need to be designed in multiple sections.


AMI acted immediately to deploy an engineer to the vessel in Qatar to perform an in-depth survey of the existing unit, and obtained thermal performance data for the radiator in question. An assessment of access for installation of replacement units was also performed.

Our in-house design department were able to use this information to develop a revised design for a new radiator with heavy duty construction. We developed a radiator that had a two-piece construction, and once in place could be bolted together to provide the performance required when the EDG is in use.

AMI designed, built and delivered the new radiator units inside four weeks, and have since supplied 11 sister vessels.




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